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Wooddesign Amusement Rides is specialized in Nostalgic and custom designed carousels.

Except for these fabulous carousels, we produce several other family rides. These are also custom designed on clients request. One of our family rides is our Wave Swinger, that comes in several different diameters.

For generations already our carousels are famous for the exquisite and skill full woodcarving of the panels and carousel animals. However all hand carved wood panels and wooden carousel animals can be delivered in laminated fibreglass as well.

Our clients can depend on the highest standard in quality, safety and service.

Craftmanship with the perfect eye for detail.



New design for our existing balloon ride

We present a new design for our existing balloon ride named:

Airship Voyage Wave Tower ride with a total height of 16 meters.
Hydraulically lifted into the air by 2 cylinders, while the 8 balloons and ships are electrically revolving, so that riders are sailing back - and forwards during the ride.
At the very top the guests are experiencing a wave effect while the ride and the ships are turning.
The ride is designed and built for 32 adults or children.
Each hydraulic cylinder can lift 20 metric tons.

Steanpunk design and details makes the ride most attractive for adventure like air sailors.

Please contact us for complete information.

Mayaland Gdansk

See our newest butterfly wave swinger for Mayaland Gdansk, where a multiply of butterflies is giving even a nicer effect on the ride.

The more butterflies with neon effects that are applied on this butterfly wave swinger, the nicer the ride. Something to know for future customers who like this ride.

There are also counter wise flying butterflies as the ride revolves and make his waves.

This Mayaland will also have a more than beautiful Dinosaur carousel, from which the dinosaurs are decorated to the designs of the park itself. Most attractive and entertaining.

Quassy park in the USA

We are also happy to deliver a Wave Swinger to Quassy park in the USA, with also custom themed colors to client’s wishes.

Holiday park Germany

For Holiday park in Germany, we are working on a 12 meter real nostalgic carousel, with all moving figures, rocking gondolas and spinning chairs.

A wide selection of charming original antique models, such as Heyn horses, Spooner roosters, Bayoll rabbits and many more original animals as well as Heyn gondolas, will be shown at the replica of this complete new carousel, while fulfilling all the recent EN and TÜV standards.

It will become a piece of art which can be seen and experienced in the spring of 2024.


Further we have several other beautiful challenging projects, such as a custom themed Ferris wheel, a Wave boat ride and more in production for this year. Pictures will follow in Spring when all these rides are delivered, installed and tested at sites by our company.