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Wooddesign Amusement Rides is specialized in Nostalgic and custom designed carousels.

Except for these fabulous carousels, we produce several other family rides. These are also custom designed on clients request. One of our family rides is our Wave Swinger, that comes in several different diameters.

For generations already our carousels are famous for the exquisite and skill full woodcarving of the panels and carousel animals. However all hand carved wood panels and wooden carousel animals can be delivered in laminated fibreglass as well.

Our clients can depend on the highest standard in quality, safety and service.

Craftmanship with the perfect eye for detail.


Grand Opening!

Barnstromer Wave Swinger
Bengtsons Pumpkin Farm near Chicago U.S.A.

A huge 24 meters flight wave swinger opened Sept. 2022 at this big amusement park festival which is visited by a few million visitors from September 16th till October 30 2022.

The airplanes in this project are shaped and custom made as old fashioned barnstorm air planes. Pilots were skilled to fly right through the barn, just for fun and spectacular shows.

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Upcoming events


Later this year we will be at the

Between Sept. 26 and Sept. 28 2023 we are in Vienna, Austria
You can visit us at Booth # A-2623


Between Nov. 14 and Nov. 17 2023 we are in Orlando, FL, US
You can visit us at Booth # 4624

Work in progress

Dedicated working on several attraction projects worldwide. The artistic works contain, real woodcarving carousel horses and other animals, modelling fiberglass dinosaur birds and assembling a butterfly Wave swinger.

The design and making of a steam or european salon carousel

This ride has never been built since this kind of carousel had his first opening for the last time before or around 1900.

The exploring of such salon carousels on traveling fairs was ended between somewhere 1945 and 1950.

There are a few examples left such as the ”stoomcarrousel” Efteling and Europa Park Germany as well as some that are preserved in museum.

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Work in progress on " El Mundo "

NEW: Tower balloon wave ride in 2 variations

In Spring 2021 we will present our mobile Tower Wave Balloon flight. This first one is especially made for a Dutch Showman. He named his ride in French: "Ballon Voyage" and is themed around the 1900 southern Europe Balloon journeys.

It is designed in such a way that it can be easily setup by 2 persons within a few hours, without any heavy lifting of parts.

Most parts are folding or turning using a remote-controlled hydraulic system. The complete installation is mounted on a 13.30 meter trailer.

In this rather large ride 32 adult visitors will be lifted to a height of 8 meters, after which the top will tilt.

The entrance is only 2 steps high to make it accessible for everyone. A wheelchair entrance is also possible for this mobile version.

Total weight of the ride is 17 metric tons. Total diameter is 10 meters plus ticket booth of 2.30 x 2.30 meters, entrances and exit. Total height is 14 meters.

Safety is guaranteed as it is German TÜV approved.

Also a park version
We also will develop this ride as a park model. It will come with 4 different movements: lifting, tilting and 2 x revolving.

The balloons and baskets are electrically revolving in a speed between 8 and 10 RPM. This will give the riders a stunning view over the fairs or parks as they will be at 10 meters high above the spectators on the ground.

Where the mobile versions stage is two steps heigh, the park model can be situated onto ground level or with a less high stage of 1 step only. This to allow a much easier entrance.

WE trust that the Tower Wave Balloon flight will be a wonderful addition to our already existing selection of enchanting rides. We are sure that it will bring an unforgettable balloon ride experience.

Old meets New. "El Mundo"

We are very excited to present to you “El Mundo”. A new mobile waveswing developed by Wooddesign. Please find a booklet on "El Mundo" here.